What Happens If You Avoid Dental Implant Treatment?

Putting off treatment for tooth loss could have lasting damage on your oral health. Without teeth, the entire oral system and health is handicapped. Untreated tooth failure causes further tooth loss and subsequent bone damage. Also, missing a tooth is a hinderance to your overall mental well-being!

Did you know that patients who are missing teeth are at an increased risk for developing vitamin deficiencies? Social anxiety over the cosmetic feeling of a missed tooth heavily influences your diet.

If you have recently lost a tooth and are wondering why getting an implant is so important, here are some key things to know about dental implants. Oral surgeons offer dental implants, this procedure radically alters the life of someone who has lost a tooth.

Why dental implants?

Why should you consider a dental implant? Primarily, they restore oral function to normal comfort levels. The prosthetics attached to implants stabilize adjacent teeth by preventing them from shifting into empty sockets, making it possible that all food can be eaten without any difficulty.

How does it work?

A dental implant is essentially a cylinder of titanium. This metal post features a ridged texture, similar to a screw. The abutment at the top of the implant is embedded into the jawbone, which secures prosthetics like bridges or dental crowns. The bridges and crowns are composed from  materials such as metal alloys and porcelain. This metal post also features a ridged texture gets embedded into the jawbone, snug like a screw. The top of the implant has an abutment, which is used to secure prosthetics like dental crowns or bridges. Crowns and bridges are made from various types of materials including porcelain and metal alloys.

While it might sound like bionic technology, these replacement teeth provide patients a very lifelike prosthetic. They do everything, from biting, chewing, and talking, like biological teeth. Also, dental implants easier to clean than fixtures like bridges and dentures.

Are dental implants are right for you?

Most patients with strong gums and healthy bone mass will experience a successful implantation process. Schedule a consultation today!

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