Dentist Fear

Overcoming Your Fear Of Dentists & Dental Surgery

Believe it or not, many people have a deeply rooted fear of going to see a dentist or dental surgeon.  Many individuals have so much anxiety that it prevents them from seeking the proper oral care that they require. The media hasn’t helped this situation with the image of over-sized drills and patients screaming from the operating chair, but this is far from reality.

Seeing a dentist is one of the most important things you can do for your health and should be a positive experience.  If dental conditions such as impacted wisdom teeth are not addressed promptly and properly, they can lead to further complications such as gum disease, cysts, damage to other teeth and more.  It is important to overcome your fears, as dental surgery can not only prevent serious problems, but it can also help to improve your smile and boost your confidence.

Sometimes overcoming your fear of dental surgery is just a matter of finding the right doctor.  Dr. Mark Reichman and his staff are a team of highly trained professionals that always ensure that oral surgeries are handled as safely and painlessly as possible.  Dr. Mark Reichman truly cares about his patients and spends time with each and every one of them to ensure that they are well informed and comfortable with their procedure.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable or unsure of something, please do not hesitate to bring up your concern.  Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your dentist is important to a healthy doctor-patient relationship.  Dr. Mark Reichman is known for his great work and communication, which has earned him the number one rating for Oral Surgeons in Vancouver.

Although we feel that education is the best way to deal with dental anxiety, there are several other techniques we can employ at the Oral and Facial Surgery Centre to help make you more comfortable.  Bringing along a family member or a friend may help to alleviate some of your fears, or distracting yourself with different forms of media, such as music is also found to be soothing.  Rewarding yourself or loved one after a dental procedure may also help minimize stress for the next appointment.  Even some of the more complex and time consuming operations that are performed at the Oral and Facial Surgery Centre are made relatively painless with the proper dosage of sedatives.

Anesthesia can help a surgery run smoothly with minimal pain, thus alleviating some fears of oral surgery. Anesthesia can vary anywhere from light sedation to a deep sleep. The Oral and Facial Surgery Centre is accredited by the College of dental surgeons of BC to provide all levels of anesthesia. It should be stressed that Dr. Reichman and his medical team is highly trained and skilled in providing an absolutely safe anesthetic.  They are also well skilled in addressing emergency situations just as they would do in a hospital setting.  Fortunately anesthetic mishaps are extraordinarily rare and well prepared for.

Often, the worst part of dental surgery is not the surgery itself, but the recovery period.  With proper post-operative care, many of the normal after effects can be minimized.  We have compiled a short article with general instructions following oral surgery to help you through your recovery process.

Overcoming a fear of dentists or dental surgeries is important to your general well being and is something that should be addressed.  Dr. Mark Reichman and his staff are here to help you overcome your fears and keep you smiling.


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