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Can Smiling Add Years to Your Life?

Get grinning!

According to a study published in the Journal of Psychological Science, completed by researchers from Wayne State University, people who smile bigger can see their life increased by years.

The study parsed through photos of 230 baseball players. They compared their smiles at the peak of their time in the sport and to frequency of smiles throughout their lifespan.

So what did they find?

Researchers found a correlation between the amount players smiled in photos and their average lifespan.  Players prone to bigger mugs, in more photos, lived up to seven years than those who didn’t turn their frown upside own.

Lifespan ranged from an average of ~73 years for players without smiles (63 players) to 75 years for players with partial smiles (64 players) to ~80 years for the happiest guys, the big smilers (23 players).

The study isn’t all just for laughs; it was controlled for factors that are known to affect health and longevity, including obesity and socioeconomic status.  Its finding are consistent with recent studies that point to a positive association between smiling and things such as personality stability, and social skills.

So having a confident smile is important! It might even add years to your life. Plus, you never know if you might be included in scientific research on happiness!

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